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Hats vs. Caps

November 08, 2016 Daniel Lansky

At Mister Hats, we have two main product lines, Hats and Caps. We feel that to continue to grow the popularity of headwear, we want to educate our customers on the differences between these two product lines. The most popular headwear is the hat. A hat is defined to have both a crown and a brim. The crown and brim can come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. The minor and sometimes major differences in the crowns and brims are what defines the different hat styles available. We will get into many of the differences in a later...

How should I best ready myself for Winter?

November 05, 2016 Daniel Lansky

At Mister Hats, our primary goal is to keep you looking good. We are fashion first, but there are numerous other reasons to don a good hat. In the summer months, sun protection is the biggest reason to wear a hat. In fact, the misconception of the Panama Hat grew out of the necessity for the sun protection while working on the Panama Canal, but I’ll get to that in another blog post.  We know it’s a necessity for sun protection, but as the summer months have ended I’d like to discuss the other reasons for wearing a hat, warmth....

Picking Up Your Hat

October 27, 2016 Daniel Lansky

We've all seen how cool Indiana Jones looks wearing his hat. But one thing we never realizes is he's picking up his hat all wrong. For those of us in the Hat Industry, we cringe every time we see him pick up his hat. The weakest part of the hat is the crown. Picking up your hat by the crown will make your hat wear out much sooner than it otherwise would. Grabbing it by the pinch puts the oils from your hand onto the hat which wears into the felt or wool. Also constantly re-pinching the pinch will cause...