Hat Styles Featured at Mister Hats

Hat Styles Featured at Mister Hats

April 19, 2017 Daniel Lansky

Mister Hats is very proud of the large variety of Hats that we carry. Hopefully if you walk into one of our stores, you will feel like a kid in a candy shop. In the last blog post, I talked pretty extensively about the different varieties of the fedora. This post is discussing some of the other lesser known styles that are still cool hats for men. All of these styles are available in both summer and winter weights.


The first style of hat up for discussion is the Homburg. The Homburg is a formal hat that has a center dent along with a pencil rolled brim. These don't have a pinch in the front. This hat is very formal if you're looking to dress up, this hat would be a good choice. It was made famous by Don Michael Corleone. The Capas Godfather is pictured below.


The next hat for discussion is the Porkpie. The Porkpie was made famous by Buster Keaton in the 20s, though the Buster Keaton Porkpie is hard to find now a days. It's currently popular with musicians. They're defined by having a telescoping crown usually with a stingier brim. Sometimes Diamond Crown Fedoras can be classified as Porkpies too. The Bailey Telemannes is a good example of a Porkpie, and it's pictured below.


The Derby sometimes called the Bowler has a stingier brim and an open crown. Historically these hats were very stiff. They were initially designed in London by Thomas and William Bowlers hence the alternative name. These are the classic hats that you think of when you think of a British Gentleman. The Capas Derby is a good example of a Derby, and it's pictured below.

Top Hat

If you're trying to pull a rabbit out, this is your hat. Everyone's familiar with the top hat. These come with extremely tall crowns such as Abraham Lincoln's, but they are commonly worn with very short contemporary crowns. These go well with Tuxedos.

If you're looking for more information, this video should help you gather a litte more information on each of these different styles.

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  • Luis Monroy

    Jun 17, 2017

    I have an old fur felt hat that needs work.. cleaning, reshaping, liner, and a band around the outside… do you still provide that service?

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